Try to make a list.

So… there is a long list I want to make about 15 or 20 projects I like to work on.

One thing… it is hard to learn to work a fresh blog dashboard.

Then, it gets so any “list idea” gets so it limits itself…, and it sounds or reads like a popular or pagent speech about world peace and feeding the “munchie challenged.”

1. – Three wheel cars.

2. – Swimming Pools

3. – Trails and Landscaping

4. – Photo Tours

5. – Rock Climb – sell gear.

6. – Snacks – concessions Store.

7. – Flight Simulators- instruction.

8.- Chairs and Stools – Store

9.- Swingarm Monitor Brackets

10. – Desk – Cable Management gear

11 – Tiny houses – water Tanks

So that is the list and of course there is a lot more projects like makerspaces and lifts for cars and designing super posh schoolbus ideas …yeah. but it all fits in with the modern stuff on the social media and normal real conversations anyway.

So pretty much anything I do with a computer will come back to this .